Free Kids Workshop at Home Depot

It was a great Saturday. I felt like a productive mom today. I took the boys to the kids workshop at Home Depot (in which I will go into detail later), we went and ate at Chick-fil-a, went to the park, visited my mom, and ended the day playing with the neighborhood kids. It was a filled day.

The first Saturday of each month Home Depot has a free kids’ workshop at their locations from 9 to 12. My oldest son has ten pins on his home depot apron so I believe we have been participating for ten months now. It is a totally free workshop for the recommended ages of 5 to 12. Each month is a different project. Today we made a trivet. I usually only bring my oldest son, but decided to bring my youngest also. My youngest son doesn’t like to stay still for long. However; he did very well today. I believe it was because the project didn’t take as long. It was a simple project, but I still did not get it correct. The project consisted of four wooden pieces and I didn’t line them up right. The boys didn’t notice, but I did. When I got home, my husband noticed also. Oh well… The boys worked together on it, had smiles on their faces, and we got an end result. That’s all that truly matters. Home Depot’s goal on these projects is for families to have family time. I believe they have been successful. My oldest son looks forward to these projects and treasures the pin and certificate he receives after the completion of the project. Today my youngest son also seemed happy about the completion. My husband works weekends so he isn’t able to participate, but I really wish he could. I think it would be easier for him to follow the written instructions. I seem to end up having extra pieces at the end. I’m told that’s not supposed to happen. Fortunately, my brother is able to take my son sometimes. Before the event, home depot has a posting on what the project will be and I thought it looked easy enough for me to get. I guess not. The next project looks even harder, so I’m hoping my brother will be able to step in. I really think this is a cool event that home depot has for the kids and totally recommend it.

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