Nana’s Treat House in Pflugerville

Our family has been to Nana’s Treat House in Pflugerville twice now. With it being 70 to 80 degrees outside, we are trying to do as much as possible outdoors. Nana’s Treat House has picnic tables outside where you can enjoy your dessert. We always sit outside so the boys won’t make a mess in [...]

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Andrew Catches a Fish

Well,¬†my son¬†finally caught a fish at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, Texas. We have been fishing a lot with the weather being so nice. My son, Andrew gets pretty disappointed that he doesn’t catch anything. We finally had some luck at San Gabriel Park. We pulled in two fish. They weren’t keepers, but the excitement [...]

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Spring Break Continues

I am finally getting the chance to finish our spring break vacation details. The last time I wrote, we had finished up with the zoo. We still had a lot of time on our hands for the rest of the day, so we decided to go to Six Flags. Our plan was to go the [...]

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Spring Break is Over

I know it’s been awhile since I have posted anything, but spring break was here and now it’s over. I’m sad to say it’s over. It was so nice to have the boys home all week. We had such a great time. Now I’m looking forward to summer. We had a fun filled packed week. [...]

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Walter E. Long Park (Decker Lake)

We have been searching for good places to fish at and haven’t found one. We went to Decker Lake on Wednesday and had no luck with fishing. However, it was a nice little place to visit. We took our sons’ jeep with us and they had a good time riding it throughout the park. There [...]

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Six Flags Season Pass

Well, we finally decided what we are doing for spring break. We are heading to Dallas, Texas. On our way we will visit Fossil Rim and Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose, Texas. We have been to Fossil Rim before and we were fascinated by it. The boys were a little young when we went, so [...]

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Lake Pflugerville

Sixty five degrees was the temperature today and it was awesome. After Andrew (my kindergartener) got out of school, we decided to visit Lake Pflugerville to go fishing. We haven’t been there in over a year so it was pretty impressive on how much it has grown. There was an area we parked at that [...]

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Creative Playscape in Georgetown, Texas

Way cool! Those are the words that come to my mind when I start to explain where we went on Sunday. My friend and I brought our kids to San Gabriel Park in Georgetown and planned on staying, but she remembered years ago there was a play area she brought her family to. She couldn’t [...]

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