Gattiland in Round Rock,Texas

Tuesdays are the days to go to Gattiland for our family. I’m surprised I haven’t blogged about Gattiland yet because we have been numerous times. We love everything about Gattiland. We love the pizza, the games, and the atmosphere. We like to visit on Tuesdays due to the half price games. In the summertime it is definitely much more busier than during the school year, but Gattiland has plenty of room. Other than having party rooms set aside, they have three large rooms accomodating each kind of visitor. The first room is the Rock Theatre that shows cartoons or a kids movie on two large screens. Our family always chooses this room. The second room is the Sports Room that has the same, but shows some sort of sport instead. The last room is the Old Town Cafe. I like to refer to this room as the “quiet room.” There aren’t any screens in this room and every time we have been, it’s the room with the least amount of people. Gattiland is a buffet style restaurant and┬áserves pizza, salad, pasta, and dessert. Our two boys always eat well when we visit. After we get our tummies full, we head to the game room. There are too many games and rides to list, but some are Deal or No Deal, skee ball, bumper cars, air hockey, and basketball. Everything is done through a game key. All money and tickets won are put on the game key. It makes everything a lot more easier to keep track of. The prizes are much better than Chuck-e-Cheese. They are actually worth not throwing away at the end of the day. We always have a great experience and the boys are always eager to go back.

Game Room

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