Halloween Clearance at Target

I love a good sale. Target has their Halloween merchandise 75% off right now. I got a lot of cute items for the kids next year. I enjoy making treat bags for the boys’ classmates so I stocked up for next year. There was a lot of people grabbing the candy. I glanced over to see what was left, but passed it up. We already have so much candy and with more candy around I would be forced to eat it. The sale is focused on Halloween items, but there were a lot of items I bought that you could use any day. I bought a package of pencils and erasers that were Transformers. I could use these items for when we play bingo. I enjoy having company and sometimes we play bingo. I like to have little prizes for the kids to win. I also bought 16 packages of crayons for a dollar. They were the small packages that held 4 crayons in each bag. They had some good bargains. I want to check out another Target tomorrow to see if I passed anything up. Like I said, I love a good sale!

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