Halloween Night

It’s the day after Halloween and I’m exhausted from last night’s activities. My boys still seem as energetic as ever. From a time change to the “going door to door” routine I must admit, I am tired. My two boys still woke up this morning at seven-thirty and it didn’t phase them we went to bed at 10:30 the night before. Their usual bedtime is 8:00. The energy of a child is priceless. Last night was fun. My oldest son  dressed up as Jango Fett from Star Wars and my youngest son dressed up as Thomas the Tank Engine. We met up with a close friend of mine and did the “trick or treating” with them. She has older kids so they lasted longer than mine. My Jango Fett kept up with them, but my Thomas only lasted a few houses. Their bags were filled to the max with candy. Honestly, I had hoped they wouldn’t get so much candy. I will just end up giving it away once they forget about it. I’m the kind of mom that likes the pretzels, erasers, and pencils instead. I know that sounds pretty lame, but keep in mind they are still 3 and 5. Fortunately, they stuck to my rule of only one candy last night and to my surprise my Jango Fett actually chose the pretzels over candy. That was a shocker. So, overall the kids had fun, we were in good company, and nobody got hurt. It was a successful night. Anybody as tired as I am?

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