Lake Pflugerville

Sixty five degrees was the temperature today and it was awesome. After Andrew (my kindergartener) got out of school, we decided to visit Lake Pflugerville to go fishing. We haven’t been there in over a year so it was pretty impressive on how much it has grown. There was an area we parked at that wasn’t there before. It included a parking lot, restrooms, and a section for swimming with sand gravel. Collin (my four year old) enjoyed the sand gravel the most. We brought fishing poles, a minnow bucket, and bait. We didn’t catch one fish, one minnow, and threw away the bait. Our luck with fishing wasn’t the best, but with the rocks, ducks, and sand gravel we had a great time. Andrew (the patient child) stayed with his dad fishing on the pier while Collin (the not patient child) and I built castles in the sand gravel. After about an hour we decided to throw bread to the ducks and find crawfish under the rocks. We ended up finding two crawfish. Andrew was intrigued. Collin and I wouldn’t go near them. It’s funny how different my sons are. They have totally opposite personalities. It keeps life interesting to say the least. I’m looking forward to spring and hope to have many more days like this. We will definitely visit Lake Pflugerville again and hopefully next time catch some fish.

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