We went to our favorite theatre (City Lights Theatre in Georgetown) to watch Megamind. My boys are still terrified to watch movies in 3D so we watched it in 2D. It’s been a few years since we had the opportunity to watch a movie in 4D or 3D. My two sons experienced 4D at SeaWorld and ever since then they associate 3D glasses with the 4D experience. The 4D experience has special effects during the movie. It consists of wind blowing, water being sprayed on you, shaking, and awesome sound effects. My boys did NOT like the 4D experience.  Megamind was a good movie. It wasn’t great, but worth watching. The movie is about a villian defeating the hero and being bored afterwards. He tries to invent a new hero, but that goes terribly wrong. Megamind (the villian) ends up having to defeat the new hero to have peace restored within the city. My four year old and six year old stayed entertained the whole time. I had hoped for more comedy. I would recommend to watch Megamind, but only at matinee prices.

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