Nana’s Treat House in Pflugerville

Our family has been to Nana’s Treat House in Pflugerville twice now. With it being 70 to 80 degrees outside, we are trying to do as much as possible outdoors. Nana’s Treat House has picnic tables outside where you can enjoy your dessert. We always sit outside so the boys won’t make a mess in the car. The facility is shaped like a giant cupcake. From the road 1825, it’s hard to miss. They sell ice cream, floats, italian ice, and cupcakes. We have tried the italian ice and strawberry shortcake cupcakes. All of it has been declicious. We always purchase the small cup of italian ice because it is plenty. Our boys never finish it, but insist on having their own cup. Honestly, one cup could be shared between two people. We look forward to going back, but there’s a such thing as too many sweets. We’ll take it slow.

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