10 Weeks and Counting

My oldest son has been going to school for ten weeks now and still says he doesn’t like school. He tells me on a daily basis he doesn’t want to go. After school he tells me he has fun and informs me of all the activities he participated in. I was really hoping the “dread” of going to school would have passed by now. It has been TEN weeks. As his mom, I do understand where he’s coming from. He has been home with me for 5 years of his life. I had the opportunity to stay home with him since the day he was born. He did go to pre-school, but it was only for 3 days of the week and for 5 hours a day. Now he has to go 5 days a week for 7 hours. What a change! I truly miss him every day, but I know in my heart I couldn’t give him the education he needs if I home-schooled him. We have great communication so I’m hopeful it will all work out. I have tried different exercises on how we could make school more enjoyable and would love some feedback on more. A few things we have agreed on include; me going to his lunch once a week, letting him have rest time when he gets out of school, and letting him buy his own lunch. For some reason, he loves to buy the cafeteria food. He tells me he likes the ability to choose different side dishes. My husband tells me we need to take him to Luby’s. My son can pick as many sides as he wants there. Well, I’m hoping the school routine gets better and I will keep everyone updated. If anyone can give me any tips or advice, please feel free to do so. I know this might sound too dramatic, but my heart aches when he tells me he doesn’t want to go to school. I want the comfort of knowing he’s happy.

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