Creative Playscape in Georgetown, Texas

Way cool! Those are the words that come to my mind when I start to explain where we went on Sunday. My friend and I brought our kids to San Gabriel Park in Georgetown and planned on staying, but she remembered years ago there was a play area she brought her family to. She couldn’t [...]

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Fun Snow Day

What a day! I must say I love Texas and I especially love Austin. It’s crazy how we can go from 72 to 35 in two days. We are really enjoying it. The boys were so happy to see the snow and play in it. My husband and I enjoyed it as much as they [...]

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Family Dinner

My husband attempted to make barbecue chicken for the first time. It was delicious. At the last minute I decided to invite my family over. I have two brothers and a sister. Both brothers are married and my little sister is only 16. My mom, sister, brothers, and one sister-in-law came. My dad had to [...]

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No Room For Pets

Anyone who has children and pets I give my full support to them. I honestly can’t do it. My boys really want a dog, but I know I can’t handle another task. It took me a whole hour to clean out a betta fish bowl and that was more than enough for me. Sad, right? [...]

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10 Weeks and Counting

My oldest son has been going to school for ten weeks now and still says he doesn’t like school. He tells me on a daily basis he doesn’t want to go. After school he tells me he has fun and informs me of all the activities he participated in. I was really hoping the “dread” [...]

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