Day out with Thomas

The event “Day out with Thomas” was held in Rusk, Texas over the weekend and we missed out. Our three year old son is a big Thomas fan. We went to the event held in Burnet, Texas on October 9th, but would have loved to have gone to Rusk. Our family has gone to the “Day out with Thomas” three times through the years and have enjoyed Rusk the most. We have been to Austin, Rusk, and Burnet. In Rusk all the activities were held outside in a spacious atmosphere. Everything wasn’t crammed together. It wasn’t limited to space. Our sons have enjoyed each outing, but as a parent I preferred Rusk. It was quite a drive, but worth it. Each location had similar stations. They included storytelling, meeting Sir Topham Hatt, tatooes, several train tables with running trains, inflatables, and the main attraction of riding a train with Thomas in front. Some people are unaware that it isn’t necessary to purchase a ticket to enjoy the whole event. The ticket is only to ride the train. People can enjoy the activities for free. Also, each time we have gone, there have been tickets at the window for purchase on location. That has been our luck each time. Each time we have had to take our son home screaming from him not wanting to leave. On a weekly basis he asks me when are we going back to “Day out with Thomas.” We would have loved to take him this weekend, but maybe next time around. For parents that have children that love trains, I would definitely recommend this event.

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