Fun Snow Day

What a day! I must say I love Texas and I especially love Austin. It’s crazy how we can go from 72 to 35 in two days. We are really enjoying it. The boys were so happy to see the snow and play in it. My husband and I enjoyed it as much as they [...]

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Inflatable Wonderland in Lakeline Mall

Since I love to shop people usually think I’m heading to the Lakeline Mall to do that, but for the past year it’s either to visit Build-a-Bear or go to Inflatable Wonderland. We often go to Inflatable Wonderland on a Tuesday or Thursday. Their prices are half price. That makes the price $5.50. I think [...]

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Not Feeling Well

We have been out a lot, but for the past few days I have been ill. As soon as I feel better I will post as much as I can. One thing to quickly mention is that we went to the Austin Children’s Museum. My boys always enjoy it and love when we take them. [...]

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Chuck-e-Cheese vs Chuck-e-Cheese

In the past week our family has been to two Chuck-e-Cheese locations. We went to the one located in Round Rock and the one located on North Mopac in Austin. By far, we enjoyed the one on North Mopac a lot better. We visit the Chuck-e-Cheese in Round Rock a lot more since it is [...]

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Austin Nature & Science Center

Austin Nature & Science Center is one of Austin’s hidden treasures. I honestly didn’t know it existed until six months ago. We were looking for something different to do and came across Austin Nature & Science Center. To get there, you really need to have directions. It’s located on Stratford Drive and if you aren’t looking for [...]

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Zilker Botanical Garden

It was a great family day. The boys were great, the weather was great, and the view was great. When I say the view, I mean the Zilker Botanical Garden. We originally hadn’t planned on going there, but on a whirlwind ended up there. We wanted to take advantage of the outdoors. The boys both [...]

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Ski Time

I am about to start looking into ski vacations. I am looking for a ski resort that has the ability to ski in and out the front door of your room. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. It will definitely help with my search. The criteria I am looking for is that [...]

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Day out with Thomas

The event “Day out with Thomas” was held in Rusk, Texas over the weekend and we missed out. Our three year old son is a big Thomas fan. We went to the event held in Burnet, Texas on October 9th, but would have loved to have gone to Rusk. Our family has gone to the [...]

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Disney World vs Disney Cruise

I am looking into a Disney World land vacation or Disney cruise.  My boys are five and three so I’m leaning more towards the cruise.  I would love any feedback on one versus the other.  I am told there are certain height restrictions at Disney World.  My sons are definitely under forty-four inches and people say that’s [...]

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