SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration

We went to Sea World in San Antonio on Friday and had a blast.  I’m already in the Christmas spirit and going to Sea World enforced it more.  We first went to see the dolphins and fortunately it was feeding time.  We paid $5 for four fish.  It was worth it.  When feeding the dolphins you are able to pet them in the process.  The boys’ expressions were priceless.  Next we went to the show of “A Sesame Street Christmas.”  When the sesame street characters came onstage I got teary eyed.  I was overwhelmed on how much our little family was enjoying this.  The boys didn’t move once.  They were mesmerized.  Near the end, my oldest (he’s 5)  finally said he was too old for this, but he hung in there.  We then headed to a huge play area with sand and rope climbing.  My oldest did the rope climbing and my youngest played in the sand.  Fortunately both my husband and I were present so we could split up for this.  When going to theme parks,  I never venture out alone.  Next we went by alligator alley where we saw several alligators surrounding a pond.  They had a .25 cent machine to feed the fish which we took part in.   The boys were aiming for the alligators so they would move, but they had no luck.  We then went to the show “Deck the Halls with Clyde & Seamore.”  This was a show full of sea lions acting out a skit for Christmas.  Once again the boys were mesmerized and didn’t move once.  This time my oldest didn’t ask to leave.  Sea World had a 4D showing of Polar Express, but unfortunately we didn’t make it in time.  We stood in line, but the theater got full before it was our turn.  We got to see a 4D showing of Polar Express when we went to Moody Gardens in Galveston and from what I remember it was awesome.  On our way out we saw the world-famous Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales and the boys got to pet one.  We really had a lot of fun.  There was still so much we didn’t get to see because we were short on time so I’m hoping we will make another trip back.  If you have a chance to go to Sea World for the Christmas Celebration, I totally recommend it.

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