Russell Park in Georgetown, Texas

We have the perfect lake to swim at. Russell Park in Georgetown, Texas is the lake to go to. We have been a total of three times this summer. Russell Park has a large section carved out for swimming. My two sons love it. My husband and oldest son attempted to catch fish, but had [...]

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San Antonio Zoo

Zoos are definitely busy in the summer. I haven’t found one day out of the week to go when they aren’t busy. We visited the San Antonio Zoo on a Thursday. We arrived at 11:00 and the first parking lot was full so we had to park in a second lot. The walk was quite [...]

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The KidFish Experience

Saturday morning I woke up the boys early so we could be at Lake Pflugerville by nine. I wanted to be there when it first started because I didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived it wasn’t too crowded. We turned in our registration form and then proceeded to get poles and bait. KidFish [...]

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KidFish at Lake Pflugerville

There will be a “KidFish” at Lake Pflugerville this Saturday, June 5th from 9 to 12. Our family hasn’t had the chance to experience this event, but I will definitely let everyone know how it goes. From what I read, the idea behind “Kid Fish” is for children to appreciate the sport of fishing. Also, [...]

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Andrew Catches a Fish

Well, my son finally caught a fish at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, Texas. We have been fishing a lot with the weather being so nice. My son, Andrew gets pretty disappointed that he doesn’t catch anything. We finally had some luck at San Gabriel Park. We pulled in two fish. They weren’t keepers, but the excitement [...]

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Walter E. Long Park (Decker Lake)

We have been searching for good places to fish at and haven’t found one. We went to Decker Lake on Wednesday and had no luck with fishing. However, it was a nice little place to visit. We took our sons’ jeep with us and they had a good time riding it throughout the park. There [...]

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SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration

We went to Sea World in San Antonio on Friday and had a blast.  I’m already in the Christmas spirit and going to Sea World enforced it more.  We first went to see the dolphins and fortunately it was feeding time.  We paid $5 for four fish.  It was worth it.  When feeding the dolphins [...]

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Old Settlers Park

The boys and I went to Old Settlers Park today for a few hours. We met up with two friends of mine. They each have a boy that play with my oldest and one has a daughter that plays with my youngest. The boys are the same age and the young ones are also. It [...]

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No Room For Pets

Anyone who has children and pets I give my full support to them. I honestly can’t do it. My boys really want a dog, but I know I can’t handle another task. It took me a whole hour to clean out a betta fish bowl and that was more than enough for me. Sad, right? [...]

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