The Case of the Gimmies

What a weird title, right? Well, the title fit my experience at Target today. Recently my boys and I read a book called, “The Case of the Gimmies” Berenstein Bears. It talked about how brother and sister bear wanted everything they saw at the store and eventually it go so bad, the parents had enough. Well, the outcome ends up being that they agree on one item to buy before going to the store and only one item. If they ask for anything else, they get nothing at all. Well, I have been reading the book to my boys at least once a week and decided to try it today at Target. I explained to my youngest son that he only gets to choose one item and if he decides to whine about it or ask for another item, he gets nothing at all. To my astonishment; it worked. I was pretty pleased with myself. I am hoping it will work the next time around. I believe he really took heart to the book and related it to our store outing. If there’s a parent out there who really is on the same page when it comes to “the case of the gimmies”, I would recommend this book. Now only if I could get him to listen the first time I say something; that would be a miracle. Does anyone know any good listening books?

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