Inflatable Wonderland in Lakeline Mall

Since I love to shop people usually think I’m heading to the Lakeline Mall to do that, but for the past year it’s either to visit Build-a-Bear or go to Inflatable Wonderland. We often go to Inflatable Wonderland on a Tuesday or Thursday. Their prices are half price. That makes the price $5.50. I think [...]

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Pump It Up

This morning I had the opportunity to take my youngest son Collin to Pump It Up in Round Rock, Texas. It’s a place that has inflatables. I always thought this was a place that only parties were held, but I was wrong. They have a time frame that has open play time. The time frame [...]

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How to Get Gum Out of Kid’s Hair

I thought it wouldn’t happen, but it did. My son got gum in his hair. I immediately thought about the whole “ice” trick. Before I tried it, I searched the web to see what I could find out first. There were solutions like peanut butter, baby oil, and vegetable oil. I didn’t have baby oil [...]

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The Case of the Gimmies

What a weird title, right? Well, the title fit my experience at Target today. Recently my boys and I read a book called, “The Case of the Gimmies” Berenstein Bears. It talked about how brother and sister bear wanted everything they saw at the store and eventually it go so bad, the parents had enough. [...]

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