Champion Park in Cedar Park, Texas

We have been to Champion Park several times, but I have finally decided to share it with everyone. This is one of my favorite parks. The key area for my boys is the huge sand pit. Toys are left for others to play with and it’s shaded. In the summer time there is a small [...]

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Zilker Botanical Garden

It was a great family day. The boys were great, the weather was great, and the view was great. When I say the view, I mean the Zilker Botanical Garden. We originally hadn’t planned on going there, but on a whirlwind ended up there. We wanted to take advantage of the outdoors. The boys both [...]

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The Case of the Gimmies

What a weird title, right? Well, the title fit my experience at Target today. Recently my boys and I read a book called, “The Case of the Gimmies” Berenstein Bears. It talked about how brother and sister bear wanted everything they saw at the store and eventually it go so bad, the parents had enough. [...]

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